Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Peter Project Comes Clean

The Peter ProjectEP is a concept record of sorts. Sold as a digital download implanted in a bar of soap, the only way to actually listen to the tracks is to take a bath repeatedly and that's where the concept of the EP comes in. You see this band is obsessive compulsive when it comes to cleanliness and this cleanliness carries over to the actual EP itself. How so? Well, Peter Project might actually be the only group on the planet that utilizes five or so vocalists to rap, sing, sample or whatever about personal hygiene.

A truly bizarre concept and an even stranger record, the Peter Project EPis a combination between easy listening, big beat, sampledelica, and soap. Think of Fatboy Slim creating crazy music for Dove products and you kind of get the idea of where this record is coming from. It's silly and strange and about as unorthodox as you can get but the five songs on this EP are surprisingly all good. With equal amounts of samples and lyrics the record plays out like a series of kooky vignettes that will leave you in stitches or in suds. While the tracks are fantastic I'm not sure how much I really need to be reminded to take a shower. I mean, I get it, bar of soap, songs about cleanliness, I understand and fine I'll take a shower as soon as I finish listening to this but just leave me alone man.

This wild, but clean, ride is highlighted by the lovely easy listening string arrangement on "Unorthodox" and the big beat tribute to being stinky, "The Quest For Extreme Personal Freshness." Yeah, it's as strange as that song title. ThePeter Project EP, despite suffering from OCD and sounding almost parental is entertaining. If you like tongue in cheek humour that comes way out of left field, you'll find the Peter Project EP pure genius. Nothing like a little bit of good, clean fun.

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