Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Are Born By Sia

Sia quietly burst on the scene just over six years ago and since that time has amassed quite a following thanks to the consistently good songs and a set of pipes that are second to none. Sia is one girl who clearly knows how to use her voice as an instrument and she's spent the last six or so years perfecting her craft. Her latest album, We Are Born, was produced by Greg Kurstin, who is responsible for working with Kylie, Lily Allen, and more recently Ke$ha, and with contributions from Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi and Inara George from the Bird and the Bee Sia has created a polished album that shines like the Hope Diamond. What makes this record outstanding is that having already been nominated for Grammy's and lining up fans as far as the eye can see, with her previous albums she continues to innovate and create unique songs. It's this never-ending sense of freedom that allows We Are Born, to be the crowning achievement of her career.

Perfectly balancing what makes pop music fun...grooves, beats, huge hooks, choruses that are unforgettable with soul searching, downtempo. heart tugging ballads, We Are Bornis a modern post-American Idol pop album for those who want a little more depth and intrigue in their music. With her trademark voice and top notch production Sia has written a mesmerizing record that's populated with raw emotion and a sense of fluidity. Yes, Sia sings her guts out on We Are Born, but she has a ridiculous amount of fun doing it. In fact, she even has stated that this is the record she's always wanted to make but was never allowed to until now.

No longer pigeonholed as a downtempo artist where she had been residing for years, Sia has been set free and you can hear the glee beaming out of her. We Are Bornsees Sia spreading her wings and flying as high as the sun with soaring tunes, dance-pop floor fillers and a sense of wonder, freedom, and fun that quite honestly had been missing from her last two albums. We Are Bornis a gorgeous record that sets itself apart from the normal pop fare that pollutes the airwaves because of the maturity that oozes from every pore on the record. Sia can sing, she's not afraid to sing, and now that she's allowed to sing she tries to cram in as much vocal gymnastics as possible and she does a good job of it as much of We Are Bornserves as a CV for her ability to sing with the best of them. This new found freedom, sense of liberation makes, and a renewed voice make We Are Born seem like a regenerated album from a brand new artist.

"Hi world, I'm Sia. Nice to meet you." Nice to meet you too. And truth be told, we really are glad to meet again because We Are Bornis a pop album that feels at home on the dancefloor, a dark room, a crisp night, anywhere happiness reigns supreme; it's as bright and crazy as the ribbons in her hair. She's made the album she's always wanted to and it shows because this is a record made by an overjoyed artist who has rediscovered the joy of making and playing music. While she undoubtedly hasn't forgotten her past, she's too busy looking forward to slow down and it's this frantic pace that's made Sia one heck of an artist. Here's to you girl...long may you be free!

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