Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pocket Count Backwards From Ten

The latest single from Pocket features Danny Seim of Menomena and is the best thing that Stephen Merritt wishes he recorded but never got around to. Sounding like a more produced Magnetic Fields, Backwards From Tenis a beautiful slice of synthy indie pop that's sugary sweet and addictively catchy. With a punchy synth run leading the way, the lazy half-asleep vocals are led into heaven by beats from beyond and guitars that serve as angels. Backwards is a fantastic song that's easily on of the best singles of the year and that's just the first version. On the flip of the single comes a whole host of mixes including mixes from Learning Music, Duplex 100, and Grant B.

If that wasn't enough there's also the non-remix b-side "Echo and Sway." Sounding something like a late 80's rave tune in a head on collision with New Order and Orbital somewhere on the M5, the song has a bit of a cheesy edge to it, but the sheer exuberance of the tune will have you breaking out whistles, glowsticks, and giant smiley faces as if your life depended on it. The song is an all conquering, pill munching, Hacienda tune about fifteen years too late. Epic rave with a synth pop vibe, Pocket kill it just as much on the B-side as they do on the flip.

Backwards From Ten is a pretty masterful single with brilliant remixes, and two amazing original tunes. If their label, Florida's own, 24 Hour Service Station was smart they would lock Pocket in a studio somewhere for about a year and only feed them bread and water until they wrote about five albums worth of material. If what they would come up with is half as good as this single, it would be amazing and leave much of humanity in awe. Pop doesn't get much better than this, period.

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