Friday, November 25, 2011

Come What Will for Patrick Park

Patrick Park has songwriting hardcoded into his DNA. With parents that are poets and musicians it only seemed logical that Park's pick up the family business and at some point embark upon writing his own songs. In fact, he was actually obsessed by the idea of writing and playing because as he's quick to point out, there wasn't much else he wanted to do. Now, with three EP's and two albums under his belt, Patrick Park has written another batch of tunes and is preparping to release his latest record, Come What Will.

Come What Will quietly and nonchalantly illustrates why Patrick Park became a singer/songwriter. It's a sincere effort and at times Come What Will peaked my interest, but like most acoustic work my interest didn't last long. That's ashame because Park can clearly write a dusty intimate tune and the guy has a gentle, nearly haunting voice to match his songs. But, as much as that is a strength as a it is also a weakness. While Patrick Park doesn't necessarily fall into the usual singer / songwriter pit falls that drive me crazy, a vast majority of songs come off as a bit too folky and laden with country overtones for my liking.

Now, that being said, Come What Will is far from a bad record from a talent perspective because Park has been groomed for this stuff since the day he was born and his ability and talent at playing these kind of songs is pretty established. It basically boils down to a personal taste thing and I'm just not a fan of songs that lilt tenderly along as much as the songs on Come What Will do. If you love traditional folk music and Americana with a dose of country twang to it, you'll thouroughly enjoy eveyrthing Patrick Park has on offer because he's an honest to goodness singer / songwriter and always has been.

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