Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jeff Eubank's Is Lost On A Street Called Straight

After a 25 year postponement, Jeff Eubank's debut album, A Street Called Straightis finally seeing the light of day. This soft rock classic in the making, albeit it a bit late, is a record from another time and another age with Jeff Eubank tapping into his inner album oriented rocker to capitalize on the hip sound of the 80's. With an almost eerie California sound guiding the way, Eubanks taps into the dark recesses of his soul and throws sunshine on them. The result is a record that never gives an open appearance of just how soulful and thoughtful it's creator is.

Sounding something like a David Crosby, Christopher Cross hybrid, Eubanks sighs and lightly strums his way through A Street Called Straight. It's a lazy and heartfelt album that at times seems loaded with doubt but somehow manages to overcome it all to keep it together and rock on...gently. This is the music your parents would love, this is the true sound of yacht rock and that's what makes A Street Called Straighta long overdue welcome. While this is a genuine pop relic from an age long ago, Eubanks certainly has a refreshing place in today's environment because nobody at all is really doing stuff like this. Sure, Coldplay and the whole school of mopey rockers attempt to be like this, but they can't quite pull it off as convincingly as someone who actually recorded their album when the genre was at its most popular.

A Street Called Straight is a bit rough around the edges at times, but if offers plenty of psychedelic flourishes, gently swaying songs, and a general sense of being dressed in pastels on a boat on valium. This is the perfect de-stressed rock album that you would have gotten root-canals to circa 1983 and it's kitsch factor might be high now but this would have been a huge record if it ever found its way to record stores 25 years ago. Fascinating, folky, rocky, and genteel A Street Called Straight is a welcome release no matter how long-overdue it is. They don't make rock and roll like this anymore but if they did, I have little doubt that Jeff Eubank's would be on top of the world.

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