Sunday, November 27, 2011

Grieves And Confessions Of Mr. Modest

Maybe it's because I feel as though I've pretty much bottomed out, but every once and a while a record hits so close to home that you can't help but feel drawn to it. For me right now, Grieves' The Confessions of Mr. Modest is like a ray of light beamed down from the heavens above as a light within the darkness. Call it inspiring, call it hip hop, call it electro, call it whatever, The Confessions of Mr. Modest is a record so spot on with the times we live in that it's almost too hard to listen to.

Grieves is an amazing talent that's as unusual as his name might suggest. Not just content with writing rhyme after rhyme this Chicago artist mixes everything into a giant gumbo of sounds that's as diverse as his hometown. Containing everything from funk, soul, hip hop, classic electro, synth-pop, and just about everything else, The Confessions of Mr. Modest is a fantastic album that keeps you guessing and leaves you hanging with what's next. It's not often that you hear an artist from the hip hop community that embraces so many influences, but Grieves is one such artist and he takes those characteristics and runs with it. The result is an awesome record that's yet another impressive release from the stable of artists that make up Rhymesayers.

With lyrics that will leave you shaking your head because of their relatability, rhymes that will sit beside you and be there for you, and songs that are for the everyman The Confessions of Mr. Modest is a record that anyone who's been through rough times can sympathize with. This ten song EP touches on loss, change, and turmoil all while maintaining a certain pop sensibility and indie hop credibility. Grieves is just like you and over the course of this record he lets you know that you are not alone. And while there are songs that touch upon classic hip hop themes, so much of this record is personal, intelligent, and well written you'll want to meet this guy. I can't say enough about The Confessions of Mr. Modest. Maybe it's because 2010 has been brutal for me on so many levels, but listening to the words that Grieves parses together I'm left with a sense of hope. Organic, revealing and very good, Grieves' The Confessions of Mr. Modest is one of the most essential hip hop "singles," of 2010.

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