Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cave's Pure Moods

Straight from the Can't Judge A Book Buy It's Cover department comes Cave. With a name that sounds dark, doomy, and too frightening for it's own good, comes a band with an EP named after a world famous chillout compilation, Pure Moods. Sounding like neither a dark doomy hole in a mountain or a yuppie-tastic chill out record, Cave crank up the hyperdrive on their space ship, turn up the Hawkwind and blast off into the Andromeda galaxy.

Pure Moods is a three song 12" EP of epic prog-rock jams from the outer reaches of our galaxy. Taking Krautrock and adding more Krautrock to it, Cave make the three jams on this record stretch for days and days in repetitive hypnotic bliss. It's awesome stuff that rolls on and on and on as if it were in perpetual motion. With synths gurgling, guitars droning and no song shorter than five minutes Pure Moodsis pure rock and roll from space. This is the sound of aliens who simply know how to RAWK.

If there's one thing you can say about Pure Moods is that it proves Cave can clearly play. And play they do. In fact, they play so well it's as if they have some serious issues bringing songs to a stop. Someone apparently forgot to tell Cave that songs at some point do indeed end and if they did, they clearly forgot because with "Brigette's Trip (White Light/White Jazz), being over thirteen minutes long this is a band that clearly doesn't understand the concept of three minute pop song.

Epic, mesmerizing and completely amazing, Cave's Pure Moods is a fantastic illustration of prog rock from the 23rd century. It's one trip into the future worth taking and it's one trip you might not want to comeback from. Awesome stuff.

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