Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Willowz Is For Everyone

There's something life affirming about dirty rock and roll. Music stripped down to the rawest and purest form is amazing. For the Willowz, it's not just an idea it's a way of life. They are all about no frills, no tricks and no additives just rock and roll the way it was meant to be played; loud, rough, and untamed.

The Willowz latest album Everyone is like the last forty years of rock and roll compressed into something that's like a time warp back to 1971 with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant piloting the time machine. It's power chord heaven as the songs plow through walls of distortion and screechy vocals that sounds something like what a freight train of Marshal's would sound like if it collided w/the Vue.

Everyone rocks. It rocks hard. It's like a four day bender that rolls out of bed, falls onto the floor and decides that it hasn't had enough. It's the sort of thing that thinks Keith Richards isn't quite rock and roll enough. This record grooves, shakes, rattles, stumbles, and then collapses into a mess of rock n' roll chaos. The Willowz most definitely know how to rock and the 14 songs on this album are exhausting proof of that. Everyone will wear you out like a night out with a couple bottles of Jack.

Here's a band that hasn't forgotten what rock and roll is all about. They know that all you need to do is get up there and play and the rest will sort itself out. The sheer power and rawness of this band is overwhelming and when matched with great songwriting it becomes obvious that Everyone is a force to reckon with. Its nice to know that there are bands like The Willowz out there. If ever you thought that rock and roll should be sleazy and unkempt than the Willowz are the band for you and Everyone is probably the most importat album you'll hear this year.

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