Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shout Out Louds Get To Work

The Shout Out Louds have been hard at work since they first exploded onto the scene back in 2005. Despite what others have been telling them for ages, it only recently dawned on them that being in a band, in fact, is the kind of work they were cut out to do. After much thought the band thought rather than fight this idea, they should just continue to be swept up by the whirlwind and write, record, and tour as much as possible. So that's what they've been doing and as a result they've been in a non-stop whirlwind frenzy of pop thrills since their debut album five years ago and it seemed only appropriate that their third album be titled after what they're all about...Work.

Work picks up where their second album, Our Ill Wills, left off and continues the airy indie pop that the band have slowly perfected over the course of their short career. Utilizing the KISS method, they kept it simple and stuck to what they were best at, sweet melodies, chiming guitars, and songs that linger for days. As a result, they chucked out all the frills and recorded a record with the help of producer Phil Elk that seems to be their most organic to date. Uncomplicated, the album shines because of it's simplicity. Sure there are moments where the the songs do get a bit textural and big for their britches, but their philosophy of allowing the songs to do the talking remains firmly in tact.

As a result of this methodolgy and a uber-strong set of pop songs, Shout Out Louds have created a fabulous record that might just be their best. While Our Ill Wills was probably their most complicated to date, Work is probably the most rootsy of the bunch. This is a collection of songs put together by a band who simply plugged in, cranked it up and recorded them simply, efficiently and effectively. Their efforts to get back to basics paid off as songs like, "Fall Hard," and "Too Late Too Slow," show the depth and breadth of Shout Out Louds work ethic. The title of this record couldn't be more appropriate because they took a step back, took an uncomplicated approach, worked hard and it wound up with a great pop album.

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