Sunday, November 27, 2011

Allison Moorer's Crows

The ever fetching Allison Moorer's latest album, Crows is an excursion into dramatic singer songwriter territory that offers a textural adventure well beyond the realm of the acoustic guitar. Lush, dreamy, and at times atmospheric, this unique artist weaves a hypnotizing blend of intimacy and a flare for the imaginative into each of her songs. Much of Moorer's work creates a vivid image by stirring emotions and thoughts that we can all relate to and the result is an almost film-like quality to her tunes. Much of Crows is like that and many of the songs on the record paint a clear picture and whether it's upbeat or downtrodden your mind can't help but take the words and run with them.

While I'm generally not a fan of music this "mature," I found myself drawn to Allison Moorer's ability to create and set a scene with each song. She's truly something special when it comes to writing lyrics and each verse, phrase, and chorus is like a stroke of paint helping to create a clearer and clearer picture. It's remarkable stuff and when you layer in the variety of instrumentation that accompanies her words it becomes something exquisite that keeps you glued to your headphones. A talented writer to be sure, Allison Moorer is a sensitive and elegant musician who simply has a way with words that most authors would be fond of.

Stirring, ethereal, and almost otherworldly, Crows is anything but the sound of that bird being repeated incessantly. Crows is a textural and fragile testament to Allison Moorer's ability to use language as a way to move your soul. Taking the singer songwriter template and giving it wings and a copy of Tale of Two Cities, Crows is folk music with a PhD in English and that's pretty cool if you ask me.

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