Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Love Like Fire Stand In Your Shoes

The name Love Like Fire conjures all sorts of seductive imagery. Love that's so hot, spontaneous combustion occurs, love so tragic it all ends in a fiery ball of broken heartedness, the possibilities are endless and for this moody bunch of San Franciscans you get the sense that's just the way they like it. Summoning relationship drama from the depths of their souls and making it musical, Love Like Fire make dark soul searching pop that's sweeping, soaring and just about as epic as it comes. Their third record, Stand In Your Shoes, is a fantastic noisy exploration of the souls, hearts, and memories of it's members and the trials and tribulations that go along with them.

Sounding something like Muse if it was fronted by a woman instead of Matt Bellamy the guitars on Stand In Your Shoessoar skyward in a blaze of distorted glory that sets the world on fire and not just the love. This is a huge sounding record that's powerful, dreamy, potentially traumatic, and most definitely stirring. With all that in mind, LLF create dreamy atmospherics that are riddled with choppy riffs, sumptuous warble-like vocals, and a driving beat that pounds it's way into your heart. Stand In Your Shoes is a beautifully thought out record whose compelling and forceful tunes make their presence known over and over again...kind of like your nagging ex.

It's hard to escape from Love Like Fire's songs. This is a band that's tapped into an emotional outburst and tied it to enough power chords to energize a city. Melodic and yet overwhelmingly powerful, Stand In Your Shoes ploughs it's way to the heavens setting things ablaze as it makes it's way there. I really enjoy how this band mixes the darkness with the light, the power with melody, and the tunes with the bombast. They're simply amazing and Stand In Your Shoes as a result is brilliant.

Whether or not this band is truly happily we might not never know, but we know that with Love Life Fire their emotions are guaranteed to be combustible. Pun aside, these feelings make for some darn fine music and whether or not they're searching for meaning forever is ok, as long as the continue to write songs like the ones on this record. Stand In Your Shoes is an impressive effort whose sweeping massive songs are a white knuckle ride of noise driven pop that may break your heart. Here's to love always being like fire.

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