Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pains of Being Pure At Heart Say No To Love

Say No To Love,the new single from The Pains of Being Pure At Heart almost seems too happy to be saying no to love. This nearly perfect slice of indie pop harks back to 80's like jangle pop by groups that used to populate Creation and Cherry Red record stables. It's awesome stuff that's light, airy, and a wee bit shy. Composed of two songs, the single almost lives up to it's name simply because of just how shy the songs seem. This is not an up-front type of an affair, but rather a more subdued (albeit happy) wall flower sort of thing that hopes you listens to it, but really doesn't want you to because of what you might say back.

The thing with Say No To Love is that you would truly be missing something staggeringly good if you didn'tlisten to this single. This is a single and a band so in touch with classic British pop that you'd swear these guys were from somewhere like Doncaster as opposed to New York. With sugar pop thrills, and songs that seem as though they would make Morrissey blush The Pains are simply fantastic at what they do. This is truly an encapsulation of a brilliant time in music; when jangle took center stage and songs could be extremely shuffly and shy and still be chart hits. From the upbeat title track to the nearly Felt like underpinnings of, "Lost Saint," Say No To Love is just about perfect. If you still wear Doc Martens and think gladioli are cool and know your Sarah from you Summershine then The Pains of Being Pure At Heart are your new best friends and Say No To Love is like the best present you've ever gotten.

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