Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quiet Company Write Songs For Staying In

Quiet Company, let by Taylor Glen Muse, is one man's vision brought to life with a little help from his friends. After being in a whole host of bands including an early version of Eisley, he decided to have a go on his own...that go resulted in his debut solo effort Shine Honestly. From there Muse took to the road and played over 200 shows and practically drove himself into the ground. But, rather than pack it in, he jumped back into the studio and in 2009 walked out with release number two, Everyone You Love will Be Happy Soon. Now, just over a year later, Muse is at it again with a little bit more help from his friends. Having just released, Songs For Staying In, he's put together a half hour ep dedicated to err literally staying in...wink wink nudge nudge.

While the EP is a celebration of love and sex, this record is far from seedy, dirty, or pervy. Instead, Songs For Staying In, is something like a jangly pop version of 70's TV show, Love American Style written by Of Montreal or Cheap Trick. Quiet Company, do a fantastic job of creating sunshiny power pop that's heart-achingly good and happy go lucky. This is the sound of a band overjoyed with the sheer possibility of love so much so, by the end of Songs For Staying In you half expect fireworks to go off in the background. What's truly interesting about this record is that the songs where originally crafted for Muse's wife, but instead ended up being recorded by him and the band.

Quiet Company are so in love with someone or something that they have a hard time being anything but quiet about it. This is the ultimate post Valentines Day valentine, Songs For Staying Inis a bright record about love and all of it's joys. This is the sound of summer loving...even if it doesn't happen so fast. From the swoonsome, "The Biblical Sense of the Word," to the jumpy, shouty "How You Do It," Songs For Staying In is just about a perfect tribute to affairs of the heart.

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