Sunday, November 27, 2011

Atrocity Solution Believe Tomorrow's Too Late

Well I'll say this, Atrocity Solution certainly surprised the heck out of me. This Wausau, Wisconsin band have taken the boundaries of what ska and punk is and basically pushed them over a cliff. While taking the best bits of those two genres and a certain sense of melody Atrocity Solution throw them into a meat grinder and literally churn out something so completely different it would have the Bosstones plugging their ears. Barely out of high school and not even able to legally drink, Atrocity Solution have been ploughing throw musical stereotypes since their inception. With one album and three national tours under the belt it's hard to believe that these guys are so young. Their latest record, Tomorrow's Too Late, is yet another chapter in their genre defying career and further establishes them as the craziest ska band on the planet.

Atrocity Solution are the type of band who you could never judge by their cover, looks, or even name. You see, they're not one of the craziest ska groups in the world for nothing; for no other band on the planet takes the blueprint of ska and then crumples it up and eats it like this band does. Imagine if you will, someone like the Bosstones in a fist fight with Carcass and you can kind of see what I'm getting at. "What?" I hear you saying. Yes it's true, Atrocity Solution are probably the only grind/ska band on the planet and I have to tell you it's the most bizarre but coolest thing I've heard in a long, long time.

It's truly amazing to hear these absolutely death defying tortured vocals that scream like someone having their lungs ripped out amongst a sea of reggae influenced guitar riffs that are so melodious and memorable that you'll hum them in your sleep. This is strange stuff that by all logic and reason should never happen, but here it is in all it's glory slaying everything in it's path.

Listening to Tomorrow's Too Late is like listening to the angel and devil on your shoulders battling it out for control of your mind and body and then coming to a stalemate. Tomorrow's Too Late is brutal, melodic, heavy, and surprisingly good. Atrocity Solution are an insane band that have come up with something so completely original and bizarre that you can't help but like them. If ever there was a case of two worlds colliding with unusual consequences, Atrocity Solution is it. Tomorrow's Too Late is the most illogically brilliant album of 2010, period.

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