Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Watson Twins Are Talking To You, Talking To Me

They may have been discovered by Jenny Lewis a few years ago, but over the course of a couple of solo albums the Watson Twins have grown into their own soul consuming outfit that's become self-sufficient. Heading in the exact opposite direction of anything Jenny Lewis could ever hope to record, the Twins take on a far more contemporary sound and come off sounding like some folk/trip hop version of Everything But The Girl. And much like newer EBTG, the Twins latest album, Talking to You, Talking to Me, in a word is seductive.

Throughout Talking to You, Talking to Meit becomes glaringly obvious that the Watson Twins seem as though they would feel more at home in a dark, smoky jazz club where brushed drums, whiskey drinks, skinny ties, and black suits are the de rigueur then on the road somewhere. While they take the occasional side trip to the country side and let their folk yearnings run free, the Twins are clearly at their best when they put on their velvet gloves and hypnotize you with their slow moving jazzy and soulful like songs. In listening to this record, you'll well up, feel emotions you haven't felt before and wonder what's going on. It's at that point when you know and they know that they've won you over.

This album really is a bit of a stunner from the get go and a song like "Midnight," is such a ridiculously well crafted song, with an organ/guitar solo for the ages, that it reaffirms e just how good the Watson Twins have become. These are two girls that have come up with a very, very good record that will have its way with you and whether its getting back in touch with their roots or pounding down three or four cocktails on a dark night, you can't help but fall for these girls hook line and sinker.

While I never really thought of the Twins as anything but a Jenny Lewis/Rilo Kiley spin off, they've very much proved themselves to be anything but. In fact, I'll go ahead and say that I think at least half of Talking to You, Talking to Me is sexier and better than anything Jenny Lewis has ever recorded. These girls can clearly write a song and while they might owe something to their mentor, I'm very glad they jumped out on their own.

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