Sunday, November 13, 2011

Struttin' Across Black Rio 2

Strut does it again. The label that digs deep to find songs and artists that are so undiscovered they don't even know they exist yet have just released Black Rio 2: Original Samba Soul 71-80 and it is an instant classic. I'm not sure where the label keeps unearthing all these rarities from but wherever they are it must be one of the most sought after areas for record collectors in the world. It's simply amazing how Strut continues to find unbelievable material everywhere they look.

Black Rio 2digs deep into the crates and is packed to the gills with eighteen Samba/Soul classics that have been waiting to be discovered for over twenty years. The Black Rio movement focused on disenchanted black Brazilian youth who mirrored the struggles of their contemporaries in the US with a brew of samba, soul, and funk. The songs are jazzy, groovy, loaded with horns and sound like what Motown would have sounded like if Portuguese was our native tongue.

Black Rio 2 is summery, tropical, and dead sexy; it's a festive record that has Carnivale written all over it. From the super swinging dance rhythms of Rubinho E Mauro Assumpcao's, "Ta Tudo Ai," to the funky jazz workout of Claudia's "Salve Rainha," Black Rio 2 is a non-stop street party waiting to happen. Listening to Black Rio 2 is like listening to the best sounds Brazil has to offer but never knew it had. Collectors and fans of anything funky, Latin, and jazzy will absolutely find this record essential and it is easily one of the best compilations of the year.

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