Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mascott's Art Project

Kendall Jane Meade has making music as Mascott since 1998. It wasn't until her former band, Juicy, broke up, she relocated from New York City back to her native Detroit and completed a few tours with friends that the pieces to Mascott fell into place. Since then the band has recorded sporadically with Mascott only releasing three albums over their eleven year existence. The third and latest album Art Project is delicate lilting work of art that's as refreshing a summer breeze.

Art Project resides somewhere between being a folk record and being a twee pop record; think of a sort of Suzanne Vega fronted Camera Obscura and you're sort of headed in the right direction. It's that grouping together of sounds and influences which gives Art Projectmuch of it's depth and intrigue. It's kind of a ying and yang approach to acousti-pop and it works oh so well for Meade. At times, the album is quiet as a mouse while at other's it's positively gleeful and it's those moments that stand out the most and make this little record such a joy to listen too.

From the shuffly whispers of, "4th of July," to the nearly ethereal, "Opposite," Art Projectis an clever little album that plays with your emotions. It's sincerity and beauty will manipulate you, build you up, knock you down and eventually just wear you down all the while with a smile on your face. When you add in the albums passive/aggressive nature and it's occasional sense of acoustic sparseness it's just about impossible to not be won over by Meade and Mascott.

Art Projectis an emotional trek that's comforting, gentle, and completely charming. With it's unobtrusive approach and songs to match, Mascott's Art Project could have failed, but instead it succeeds simply because heart is in the right place.

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