Thursday, November 17, 2011

Xu Xu Fang Play For Seven Days Now

Not to be confused with 17th Century Chinese artist, Xu Fang, California band Xu Xu Fang (say that three times fast) are a band floating on a midnight breeze slipping in and out of consciousness. Their five song EP, Seven Days Nowis a blissful, psychedelic trip that sounds like an eternal sunrise emerging from the the hazy fog filled California landscape. It's a sleepy, brooding affair that finds its beauty in it's downtempo rhythms and whispy vocals. Sounding as if each song was whispered directly into your ear, Seven Days Now sounds like a secret that you're told to keep but are having a hard time doing so because it's such a good one.

Seven Days Now is magnificent stuff that hovers somewhere between being ambient, goth and trip hop. If you could imagine Massive Attack in all black smoking clove cigarettes in the corner of some dark dive bar blasting the Cure, you kind of have an idea of where Xu Xu Fang are coming from. Of the five songs that make up this EP, two stand out as absolutely amazing tunes; the trippy anti-depressant taking, "Your Way," and the stupendously darker version of the Cure's already dark, "Fascination Street." These songs are epic, ethereal, and absolutely make listening to Seven Days Nowa pleasure. Unfortunately, by the time the ten minute plus, "Where Is Everybody?" comes to a close you're left wanting more and there's nothing left on the disc. It's a depressing fact that will leave you in awe and sadness but with the hope that Xu Xu Fang will soon release an album. Until that time, light up a clove and savor the haze.

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