Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jacksonknife Says You Don't Know What Your Talking About

Jacksonknife's six song EP, You Don't Know What Your Talking Aboutis a brilliant soulful blast of pop that teeters between being blue-eyed soul and dusty windswept pop. It's dramatic stuff that seeks out any kind of tension it can lay it's hands on and then sidewind's it's through it on the way to tunes that are intriguingly gripping.

Pastoral and far reaching, You Don't Know What Your Talking About spreads it's wings out over the course of the six songs that make it up. It's a record that's heartwarming and slightly stressful but in all the right ways. This EP find's it's pop songs in the most unusual places; whether it be with strings, accordions or the usual guitars and drums it searches high and low to find hooks that will follow you around like a lost puppy dog. That search for something memorable turns You Don't Know What Your Talking About into a rich tapestry of pop sounds that sounds nothing like what you would expect a band from New York to sound like.

With one foot in Memphis and another in the Midwest, Jacksonknife, weave fantastic songs on that take all things American and make them universal; not bad for an EP that's loaded with drama, tension, and artful instrumentation. You Don't Know What Your Talking About is one heck of a debut.

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