Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tina Parol Is No Shrinking Violet

Not content with being yet another pop starlet in the making, Tina Parol has taken her time and taken the long way to get where she's at. Having worked as a songwriter collaborating with folks as famous as Britney Spears and as professional as Danja and Espionage, Parol learned the ropes of what it takes to write a killer song before attempting to do it herself. With that experience under her belt, as well as coming from a musical family, and being classically trained, she is now poised to launch her own career with her debut album, Shrinking Violet.

This early twenty something artist has clearly gone about things all the right ways and it might just all pay off in the end. Written by herself, Shrinking Violet is a massively hooky record that's pure "Disney Pop," but in all the best ways. The songs are glossy, ridiculously catchy, and produced so well that it seems as though radio was invented purely for her. This is a sugary sweet record that's the sort of thing that will have girls of all ages singing into their hairbrushes. Shrinking Violetis anything but it's namesake in fact, this record is so outgoing that it might just bounce right out of your earbuds.

Occasionally slowing down for the mandatory ballad or two (one in the middle and one at the end) most of Shrinking Violet is an upbeat bouncy record that's a massive shot of hyperactive pop energy. While most of the songs explore the usual subjects of love and relationships and where they either went right or wrong they're so animated it's hard to sit still long enough to even care.

Pure pop is usually cliché, over produced, and boring but Tina Parol has enough of an eclectic background to know that variety is the spice of life. She's created a record that's influenced as much by sugary pop as it is power pop and as a result Shrinking Violet is listenable and enjoyable. If I can say that, then the record really is actually quite good. If you like your pop sweet enough to draw ants and choruses more memorable than your name, Shrinking Violet will be your new best friend.

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