Sunday, November 13, 2011

Shuta Hasunuma's Pop Ooga

Shuta Hasunuma's latest album, Pop Oogais an instruction manual on how to make glitchtronica work. You see, this Japanese artist efficiently pieces together bits and bobs of electronic music and moulds them into something that makes sense. He does this so seamlessly that at times it's almost wrong to think of this guy as doing nothing by stringing computer generated music together.

Perhaps sounding a bit like the Japanese Dntel, Shuta puts together songs so well that the melodies and harmonies he coaxes out of himself and his machines are simply mesmerizing. Much of Pop Oogahas a light airy feel to it and many of the songs here sound and almost feel like warm summer breezes. It's absolutely perfect stuff that's engaging, quizzical and has a sense of childlike wonder about it and Shuta manages to capture our imaginations despite singing in a broken version of English and Japanese.

Shuta Hasunuma has created a joyfully cute and breathy record whose mixture of electronics and occasional acoustic instrumentation blend well together. Charming to the very last note, Pop Oogais the shyest electronic album in the world. It's the sort of record that doesn't do much to make it's presence known, but once you get know it you can't help but love it. My advice to you is to get to know Shuta Hasunuma and Pop Ooga.

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