Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deastro's Moondagger

Randolph Chabot has been making albums since he was 12-years-old. Now at 22, the Detroit based musician known as Deastro is ready for his close up. That close up, entitled Moondagger is a hyper blend of indie rock and synth pop that sounds like hyper-caffeinated robots lost in space.

Bouncing around from chorus to chorus, beat to beat and plucky synth to plucky synth, Deastro has a hard time containing all the energy he possesses. As a result much of Moondagger is very rarely stationary. This is the sort of record that finds itself hopping around the dancefloor, bumping into people, falling down, getting up, flying off walls, and making a complete fool of itself. It's the very definition of what geeky fun sounds like and it's awesome. From the mathematical brilliance of "Parallelogram," to the shimmy synth pop brilliance of "Day of Wonder," Moondagger is a blood rush to the head of synth pop perfection.

Deastro's songs are jittery, exhilarating and so nerdy it hurts and Moondagger as a result is the sound of synth poppers Figurine disguised in thick framed glasses colliding with the very idea of sugary pop songs. It's extremely cool stuff that is as intelligent and geeky as it is groovy. Moondagger is the sound of pocket calculators with MIDI interfaces running rampant, it's synthpop on a sugar high and that's why it's so much fun.

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