Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Paul and the Patients Toss Themselves to the Lions

Paul and the Patients, does not involve me at all. I promise. It does however, involve a group of New Yorkers who have found the happy medium between trying to sound something like GBV, MGMT, and maybe even Vampire Weekend. Their EP, To The Lions is a five song blast of broody artful pop that in the span of fifteen or so minutes covers all it's bases and then some.

To The Lions builds itself up into noisy frenzy gets quiet and than has a jump around before it finally comes to a close. To The Lionsis a short and sweet little record that quite honestly needs to be longer. A song like EP closer, "The Other Side," hints at the possibilities this band is able to serve up and by the time the last note comes to an end, you're left disappointed that there's nothing left to follow it. Well until their debut album proper comes out, To The Lions and Prozac will have to suffice.

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