Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Introducing Miike Snow

Miike Snow is an interesting proposition. Not only do they have that slacker indie rocker thing down pat, but this trio is so ahead of the curve he takes a huge chunk of electro influenced atmospherics and tacks that to the heart of his songs. Their self-titled debut album is a quirky pop record that never spends too much time worrying about which direction to go next.

Think of it this way, Miike Snow is the sort of record that goes head-long into battle and just jumps into the middle of the action without any forethought. Thankfully, these guys are such unique and talented artists that they can get away with it. Whether its some sort of loose reggae influence, as on, "Animal," or the floor filler that is, "Cult Logic" Miike Snow is able to manipulate sound and beats to their advantage and come up with the darndest songs you're likely to hear. They are pretty awkward by nature and sound like an indie rock version of Jamiroquai; and as terrifying of a proposition as that sounds it's not actually that bad. With funked up falsetto highs and the soaring choruses that follow Miike Snow manages to hit on all the right cylinders in the right order song after song.

Miike Snowis a record that grows on you faster than penicillin grows in a petri dish. If any record right now was destined to be an Ipod commercial Miike Snow would be it. Miike Snow simply has a way to make their songs sound weird, shy, and cool all at the same time. Miike Snow might be a little bit nerdy, a little bit funky, and a little bit chancy but that's what makes it such a special record.

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