Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mayday Mayday Mayday

In typical Miami fashion, !Mayday! is a band that's surrounded by diversity, open mindedness, and tropical splashes of musical color. This five piece band has emerged as one of Miami's most gifted and versatile genre-dipping hip hop acts around. Their sophomore release, Technology EP, picks up where their debut album left off and continues to build on their legacy of constantly pushing things forward.

The Technology EPis a brilliant fusion of progressive hip hop, indie rock, and funk. If you can imagine Outkast led by The Roots in a jam session with Funkadelic then you can kind of picture where !Mayday! are coming from. Blending deep grooves, flowing rhymes, with an innate sense of what makes a good song a good song this band uses anything and everything at its disposal to get it's message across. The results are versatile, raw, and funky songs that have huge hooks, basslines that leave you in a daze and lyrics with an undeniable memorability to them. See, "Play Pretend," and "Technology," for perfect examples of just how they do this.

Disappointingly short at just six songs theTechnology EP, gets going right before it ends and that stinks. We want fifteen songs and we want them now! Despite the shortness of the record, the Technology EP illustrates quite clearly that !Mayday! are quickly turning into a force to be reckoned with down south and that they're destined to do something great.

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