Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aeroplane Pageant Isn't Glamorous

Aeroplane Pageant is yet another New York band that sounds as if they're from anywhere but New York City. This group of four lazy musicians noodle around very quietly on their album, Even The Kids Don't Believe and sound so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the city that they sound as if they belong somewhere on a prarie in Kansas. Sounding a bit middle of the road and a bit jam bandish their songs come off as a tad mundane and whiny in that oh so radio friendly way that every middle aged adult loves these days.

Even The Kids Don't Believe is nice enough stuff but it definitely is not for me. It's not overly exciting or revolutionary and to be honest there are so few elements of danger or excitement that it's hard to even describe what this record is like. Perhaps the best way to describe it, is by just saying, it's just there. Even The Kids Don't Believe doesn't really make an effort to stand up, get your attention or even raise a ruckus. This is a record that just kind of quietly goes about it's business and does what it does without calling too much attention to itself and if you happen to notice it great.

That's ashame because the first five minutes of Even The Kids Don't Believe paints a completely different picture. "Stars Still Pretty," the second song in, is like an Of Montreal b-side that's short, punchy, catchy, and ridiculously good. The problem is, after that three minute rush of pop goodness, Even The Kids Don't Believe quickly peters out. It's as if the band put all their energy into that one song and then lost the plot. It's ashame, because if Aeroplane Pageant could have channelled that energy into the rest of Even The Kids Don't Believe, it would be a completely different ball game.

As it stands though, Aeroplane Pageant are an alright band with an alright album. Even The Kids Don't Believe isn't going to set the world and that's unfortunate because it had the potential to start a small forest fire or at least be a pretty decent pop record. Unfortunately, they didn't even get that far. Oh well, there's always next time.

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