Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Little Girls and Tambourines

Post punkers, Little Girls are the best North American version of Joy Division I've heard in a while. Their unfortunately short EP, Tambourine is the best thing to come out of the 21st century that sounds like it belongs in the late 70's you'll ever here. With lo-fi production, prodding basslines, surfy guitars, and vocals that sound like the ghost of Ian Curtis at times, Little Girls have clearly tapped into the supernatural here, channled a few ghosts and come up with such a brilliant record that it's almost as if Joy Division never became New Order and the Jesus and Mary Chain continued to record Psychocandy over and over and over.

Tambourine is such a raw, under produced record that it will frighten some people to death; there isn't one drop of sheen, autotune, or protools around this thing. Those who are unafraid will catch Little Girls wallowing in so much post punk bliss that you left embracing this darkly hypnotic and strangely sensational record. Murky, noisy and altogether brilliant, Tambourine is easily one of the best EP's of 2009. It's death knell vocals, Joy Division overtones, and hanging on by a string fragility make this record a stand out amongst the sea of indie rock cliches. Unbelievably good.

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