Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hands and Knees Ask Et Tu Fluffy?

Hands and Knees are a band that have a history as well travelled as their songs. With stops in New Mexico, Boston and everywhere in between this is a band that has clearly been around the block a few times and then a few times more. Their songs reflect this as they sound like some sort of dusty, twangy, jangly pop that has it's roots in country and or rockabilly but is transformed into something more by a quirky pop sensibility.

Their album, Et tu Fluffy?is a lo-fi, shambolic, noisy sort of record that sounds a bit like Modest Mouse meeting someone like Southern Culture on the Skids in a dirty cowboy bar. It's jittery, hyper, echoey, and sounds like it's in a hurry. If you can imagine running in place like a kid then you've pretty much pictured what Hands and Knees in action must be like.

Et tu Fluffy?is hyper active fun. It's energy and bounciness is contagious and you can't help but act like a five year old while listening to it. If a song, such as the kinetically charged, "Blue Day Moon," doesn't get your feet tapping than you should really see a doctor; the song is so bouncy with a pounding beat that it's very likely to cause a dancing seizure on those not prepared for it's activeness.

Hands and Knees are a quirky, boisterous band with an album to match. It might not have a lot of gloss on it and it might be a bit lo-fi for some, but Et tu Fluffy? is a merry, rollicking good time.

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