Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bill Hart Answers This Is Why

Bill Hart was born and raised in Canada and began playing guitar at the young age of nine years old. As he grew older his early training was fairly non-traditional; from playing guitar as background music for the Rocky Horror Picture Show to graduating the Guitar Institute of Technology and then passing on everything he knows, Bill Hart has just about seen and done it all. That experience and talent has helped shape his original compositions and allowed him to flourish into a darn fine guitarist who is flexible and versatile.

His latest album, This Is Why is a total reflection of Hart's abilities as a guitarist. At times This Is Why is a cool jazz album and at others it is almost reminiscent of old Shrapnel Records from the 80's. Hart clearly can play the heck out of his guitar and his ability control how he goes about this is truly a testament to his ability as a musician. To quote a phrase this is why I love this record. Hart effortlessly changes tempos and directions at the drop of a hat and thus his songs keep you guessing and perpetually entertained.

This Is Why is a beautiful record laidback cool jazz record, Hart writes songs with imagination and a high degree of ability. From the brilliant sax solo on, "Elected," to the shred-it lite of, "You're Next," Bill Hart and his band lay down a fantastic set of cool groovy jazz that's constantly exciting. Hart constantly challenges himself and his band by pushing the envelope of what they can do. Loaded with top notch musicianship, a band that is so in tune with Hart that it's as if they were psychic, and songs that are filled with atmosphere and emotion makes This Is Why simply fantastic.

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