Tuesday, November 15, 2011

City Rain Will Remember

From the brilliant mind of Ben Runyan comes City Rain. Based out of Philly, City Rain is a minimal electronic experiment gone right. Utilizing acoustic instruments and sparse arrangements of beats and synths City Rain creates a distant world of sound that's mesmerizing and alluring. His latest album, This I Will Remember, is the aural equivalent to a hyperspace trip across the galaxy.

With songs that lend more to the ambient spectrum then IDM and techno, City Rain's songs are melodic and drift across your speakers like a solar wind. Runyan's ability to mix acoustic and electronic instrumentation into a beguiling atmospheric mix is stellar. He creates these tapestries and worlds of sound as if they were second nature to him and This I Will Remember is a constant reminder of this.

This I Will Remember might not be one for the dancefloor, but it is one for your imagination. It's a powerful record that will have your mind working overtime creating images, journeys, and scenes that correspond to the ambience City Rain creates. Runyan has created a majestic, dreamy world with This I Will Remember; it's a world worth seeking out and getting lost in.

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