Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blake Miller Burn's Tape

If you were to look up the meaning of lo-fi in a music dictionary, 21-year-old artist Blake Miller would be the very definition of what lo-fi is all about. How so? Well, having your studio located in your bedroom makes life easier so that when you come up with a great idea or song you just roll out of bed, plug in, and record it. It's so easy to do that Blake has already released his debut album, garnered pretty decent press, and has since continued to record new material all by himself. His latest effort, Burn Tape sees him developing into a more mature, subdued artist who has also developed equally as a producer.

That being said, Burn Tapeis a record of transitions. Not only does it trace the last two years of Blake's songs and his transition from wunderkid to adult, but it also traces his cross country sojourn from Ohio to Portland and all the changes that his move brought. In addition to transition, it's a record of growth and surprising maturity. It amazing how on top of his game Blake Miller actually is, but he is and despite it's low budget feel Burn Tape is rather entertaining.

Burn Tapeis adventurous folk pop that's a rich tapestry of lo-fi sounds, falsetto vocals, handclaps, and found sounds. It's nice, lazy stuff that shows how much a young man and a computer can do. From the lo-fi organ feel on, "When the Sky Turns Black (The Rain Is All Around)," to the electric distortion of, "The Ghost of My Soul (My Hands Are Shaking)," Blake Miller constantly uses his imagination, creativity, and talent to come up with songs that are so much more than lo-fi pop songs. One listen to Burn Tape and you'll find yourself agreeing that this guy has got the knack for writing killer tunes.

Burn Tape is yet another feather in Blake Miller's crowded cap. His songwriting and production ability is fantastic and just shows how far this guy has come in the short amount of time he's been recording. If someone can convince this guy to crawl out of his bedroom and into an actual digital recording studio one can only imagine the type of record he might record. Until that day happens, do yourself a favor and revel in the lo-fin genius of Burn Tape.

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