Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tom Brosseau's Posthumous Success

Another day, another folk singer. This time it's Tom Brosseau direct from the UK with his third album for Fat Cat Records, Posthumous Success packed in his guitar case.

However, unlike his previous recordings, Tom Brosseau has left his unassuming nature behind and found some untapped reserve of energy as Posthumous Successseems almost jolly. The record is a huge seismic shift in directions for this usually unassuming songwriter. Utilizing synths, beats, and feeling of being alive Posthumous Successis far from the shy and traditional folk Brosseau has become known for. Utilizing two producers and a handful of guest musicians Posthumous Success began to take shape as something completely different from his previous records. This is a good thing as Brosseau could be so meek in his approach that it was almost impossible to hear what he was on about.

While his musical approach toward writing songs has obviously changed, Brosseau's sensitive attachment to songwriting has not. Like previous efforts, Posthumous Successis an emotional journey. It's a humble, secretive recording that gives some insight into the soul and inner workings of the artist. He sings songs of lost love that are easily relatable to most people because of just how observant he his. Tom is a fairly perceptive artist and even at his most woeful, he's still able to provide insight into matters of the heart.

Tales of woe aside, Posthumous Successis by far the most listenable of Brosseau's records. From "Love To New Heights," to, "My Favorite Color Blue," Brosseau has hit his stride on this release. His songs are buoyant and catchy and no matter how distraught or downtrodden his lyrics might be, you'll find yourself wanting to listen to Posthumous Success again. Posthumous Success is folk music it's ok to like.

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