Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweden Vs. France A Musical Battle Across Europe

What happens when you square off the two musical power-houses of Sweden and France in a cross continental song square off? World War Three? A drunken mess spread across fjords and Alps? A dancefloor disaster? Maybe. Who knows for sure, but it's a question that Konstpiration Records Sweden Vs. France compilation attempts to answer.

Sweden Vs. Franceis a pop battlefield that features all kinds of armaments including indie pop, folk, electro, and everything in between. A bit twee, a bit shy, a bit happy, and a bit loopy, Sweden Vs. France is literally all over the place musically and geographically and that's what makes listening to this record so much fun. It's a turbulent rally across the musical spectrum that never settles down and while it may lull you to sleep one minute it wakes you up the next. It's a cross cultural joy that's like a pop passport for a trip across Europe.

While I'm not sure what the combination of sounds says about the two countries involved but judging by the songs on Sweden Vs. France,it must involve a lot of cardigan and anorak wearing 20 somethings hiding out and playing music in the cities, flats, and warehouses of each respective country. Be it lo-fi, hi-fi, no-fi, or whatever-fi the songs are honest, cool, and simply a blast to have a sit down or dance with. From the noisy squelches of the floorfilling, "Humbug," by I Always Wanted A Pony & Databas to the sugary twee pop of, We Are Soldiers We Have Guns', "November," Sweden Vs. France is a record that keeps you guessing as to what's next and that's half of this record's charm; it's all about anticipation. Throw in sixteen solid songs and you have one neat little compilation and one heck of a musical battlefield.

Having listened to Sweden Vs. France several times, it's hard to decide who have actually won this cross continental pop conundrum. I'm leaning more toward the French but as I say that, I hear some Swedish twee in the distance and I can't decide. So, in the great musical World War that is Sweden Vs. France, let's call it a stalemate and declare a truce with the treaty to be signed at Versailles. While the arrangements on that are being worked out, you should visit and download this record! With this war soon to be in the books, I hope the label decides to continue issuing records such as this...Lets hear Britain vs. Germany or Italy Vs. Russia. There are so many musical possibilities and so many potential legendary battles that need to be heard.

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