Wednesday, November 16, 2011

STS9 Make It Right With Peaceblaster

STS9 is a band with a heart, a really big heart. This is a group that is constantly contributing to various charity projects and giving back to the community every opportunity it gets. For over a decade the band has rallied their community of fans around important causes and over the last two years have raised over $150,000 for several charities including Make It Right Foundation, Yellow Ribbon Fund, and New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. Their latest effort, Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes, is no different and will raise funds to go toward building a home in the New Orleans area.

As for the actual album itself, it's a corker. With thirty remixes by thirty different artists, Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes features a bumper crop of songs designed for dance floor action. With mixes running the gamut from hip hop to electro and then around for a drum and bass session, the record is a reflection of the diversity of the STS9 community. Not one group that appears on this disc appears to have put less than 100% on every song here. The result is an album that is put together so tightly and so well that it's about ready to burst.

Among the highlights of this essential record are: "Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist" reworked by The Flying Skulls and featuring Abstract Rude. The tune is a jazzy electro hop floor filler that's laid back but has this seedy side that just slides itself on to the dance floor. Truly great stuff. Alex B's Concept Remix of, "Metameme" is a chilled out tune that develops into a big roller of a monster that rolls over everything w/bass swelling ease. These two songs are just a taste of the killer selection that makes up Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes. There's simply too much music to write about with out having to stop and lose total concentration to the tunes at hand so I'll stop while I'm ahead.

What you really need to know is this, Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes is a super worthy record for super worthy cause and STS9 are absolutely incredible for putting together this project as well as all the other projects they do to give something back to their community. Well done guys. You can order the record from

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