Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Prids Have Dots To Connect

During the summer of 2008, indie rock band The Prids took to the road in support of their Something Difficult EP.On July 20th while on their way to Los Angeles, the band and two of their loved ones were severely injured when a blown tire caused their van to crash on Interstate 5 in Southern California. their vehicle was totaled and all of their equipment destroyed. After the accident, the band received over $16,000 in generous donations from friends and fans around the world, allowing them to purchase a new van and replace their equipment. However, they still had large medical bills to pay.

When Oliver Ackerman, from A Place to bury Strangers, heard what had happened he suggested recording a Prids tribute album with proceeds going to the band to help pay their medical expenses. The tribute album, Dots to Connectfeatures covers of Prids songs by 18 different artists who happened to be friends and wanted to lend a helping hand. As a body of work with a cause, the album is as pure and genuine a record as you're likely going to hear. These are 18 bands gathered together on a mission to help lift up their compatriots and peers in rock and roll and they do a fantastic job.

They do such a great job in fact, I would imagine that The Prids are pretty shocked by the outpouring of support AND just how good so many of these songs actually are. Dots to Connectfeatures a few bigger named bands (Place for Strangers, Autodrone) and a slew of underground indie bands who have done a fantastic job at stepping up to the plate and knocking one out of the park. It's an awesome album that will make Prids fans pleased and people who have never heard the band run out and find everything they can from the group. With songs ranging from electronic to atmospheric, to gothy, to noisy and everything in between Dots to Connectis a massive buffet table if indie rock delights. Of the eighteen tracks on this record my favorite would have to be "The Problem," as covered by A Place To Bury Strangers and the Wendys take on, "Like Hearts," it's truly good stuff.

With hearts as pure as gold, the eighteen bands that appear on Dots to Connect have reached out to lend a hand to their friends and they've done an amazing job both musically and just putting the whole thing together. Dots to Connectis a lasting tribute to The Prids whether they return or not and it's nice to know that there are actually bands out there who care about their fellow musicians and will do anything to help out.

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