Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Off The Deep End With The Friday Night Boys

It's interesting to see how emo has had to re-shape itself in an effort to stay relevant. Band are being forced to rethink their approach. With an attitude of throwing things against a wall to see what sticks some bands have been more successful than others at doing this and The Friday Night Boys are one such band. Rather than just being a mass of hair and angst in motion, this band has chosen to actually write songs that are harmonically brilliant and have more in common with huge pop songs than teenage frustration.

Their debut album, Off The Deep End is a slickly produced record that surgically strikes you right where it counts; between the ears. Each song on this record is polished to perfection as if they were pop diamonds sparkling in the dust. After listening to this record a few times, it's easy to understand why MTV has been instrumental in helping this band get where it is today; their songs are simply to catchy for their own good.

Energetic and mostly upbeat, Off The Deep Endshows a band growing and finding it's own two feet with huge songs and even bigger melodies. Using electronics, chuggy riffs, and lyrics that you can't forget, The Friday Night Boys have proven themselves to be excellent songwriters and much of Off The Deep Endbenefits as a result. Brazenly pop with tinges of rock and roll, emo, and electronica much of Off The Deep Endspends it's time jumping up and down dancing all over the place. A song like, "Molly Makeout," for example is simple on concept but high on hooks and a chorus that you'll never forget. It's the sort of song that says everything you need to know about The Friday Night Boys in three and a half minutes.

The Friday Night Boys have created a sleek, dextrous effort with Off The Deep End. It's an impressive record that finds them incredibly adaptable and capable of writing huge song after huge song. That being said, Off The Deep End is one heck of a debut and after listening to this, one can't help but wonder how they'll top it.

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