Sunday, November 13, 2011

Micachu's Jewellery

Micachu is not a long lost Pokemon character, but is in fact the alias of one Mica Levi and her band of found sound cohorts. This Surrey, UK based band takes every preconceived notion about pop music and throws it out the window. What's left is a shambolic chaotic pieced together thing that Micachu calls music. Their sound is weird, atonal, and really doesn't make much sense but it's those sorts of things that make, Jewellery so compelling.

In reality, Jewelleryisn't so much an actual album of songs that make sense, but more like a record of random ideas thrown together that miraculously by some strange force of nature fall into the right places. Michachu do not write pop music, but instead create experimental free flowing ideas that make a whole lot of noise. Sometimes annoying, sometimes fun Michachu pretty much throw two sheets to the wind and hit, strum, bash, and amplify just about anything they can find. As a result, Jewellery isn't the most musical record you're likely to hear but it's most definitely the most curious thing you're likely to come across.

A song like, "Eat Your Heart," illustrates this perfectly as there are approximately 54 different parts to the song encompassing approximately 69 different instruments and noise makers; you've got what sound like ukuleles, reversed tape, squeals, beats, and lord only knows what else running through this tune. It's almost impossible to keep up with because there's simply too much going on. Much of Jewellery is like this; chaotic and disjointed. This is a record and a band that don't make much sense and for some people Jewellery will just be to far out to even comprehend. For the adventurous listener, however, there are moments that glisten like a diamond in the rough and it's those moments that make listening to Jewellery worthwhile.

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