Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Haunt Wizards Cast A Spell Over The 80's

I Haunt Wizards is an innovative trio of kids reared on an exotic cocktail of eighties pop culture and modern day dance music. At just 19, this group of kids have taken a decade they weren't even born in and made it their own. Their demo is a six track shot of sugary neon coated love that will have your reaching for your old vinyl, Members Only jackets, and Leg Warmers.

Just how in love with the eighties are they? Well I Haunt Wizards are so in love with the eighties that just about every song is rooted or influenced by another song from that decade. In listening to their demo, it's easy to spot the influences a mile away but that's half the joy of it. Everything from Madonna to Human League to Whitney Houston find their way into I Haunted Wizards songs. This is as much a point of easy access as it is a form of plagiarism simply because of how similar some of IHW tunes are to their influences. "Over You," for example, is so close to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody," you'd swear Whitney Houston was British and a teenager.

Despite similarities to their influences and having an obvious addiction to 80's pop I Haunt Wizards have come up with a super fun, bouncy, and addictive group of songs. IHW are young, fashionable, and obviously impressionable; the world is their oyster and after listening to this well informed group of six songs it's only a matter of time before it's theirs.

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