Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Forcefield Kids Leave Home

The Forcefield Kids are a collaboration between two Newcastle based musicians who go under the guises of Stain(ed) Art and Sleepy. Combined this duo has been making and producing music in some sort of fashion for over twenty years and are about ready to burst at the seams with tunes and music that the world needs to hear. Their initial release, Home EPis a short but sweet slice of Brit hop that's been making the rounds in their native UK and in true British style is pushing things forward.

Straying far away from the pop rap that populates much of today's charts, The Forcefield Kids find themselves sharing more in common with folks like J. Dilla Atmosphere, POS, and fellow countrymen Roots Manuva. As one could expect with influences like those, The Forcefield Kids approach things from an alternative point of view and as a result the Home EPis gritty stuff that exhibits this groups raw talent for being different on overdrive. From freeflowing raps that reference everything from the Disney Store to True Romance and beats that are lo-fi and sound as if they were created with a bank of Casios working over time, The Forcefield Kids win you over with their honesty and unrefined style as opposed to glitz and fake credibility. Just check the Home EP's lead track, "Cradle to Grave," for a perfect display of where The Forcefield Kids are coming from and their unique approach.

You can call what they do Alt-rap, indie-hop, Brit-hop or whatever, I'm sure that The Forcefield Kids could care less and neither should you. Pigeonholes aside, their Home EPis a smashingly good rough effort that shows this is a duo well on their way to bigger and better things. Let's just put it this way, by the time the Kids release their next record I don't think any forcefield will be able to hold them back.

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