Thursday, November 17, 2011

Discovery of an LP

Discovery is the latest indie rock super group to come along and is the result of what happens when Rostam from Vampire Weekend and Wes from Ra Ra Riot get together and just jam...on keyboards. Originally conceived way back in 2005, Discovery recorded bits and bobs of what would become their debut album, LP, even after the success of both of their individual bands. Finally finished and released, their completed project attempts to realize the concept of a band where everyone plays synthesizers and handclaps are used instead of drums.

LP might sound like it would be a dance floor disaster or come off as being so cheesy that it couldn't help but be bad; but surprise, surprise it's anything but. LP, in fact, is an astoninishingly good record that rates pretty high. Loaded with summery grooves, sunshiny synths, and a pop sensibility that's so spot on LP is just about as perfect as a record w/o guitars could ever be. With 808's blazing, vintage synth sounds covering the songs in syrupy sweetness, and Rostam and Wes splitting singing duties LP is the sort of synth pop that's been missing in our lives. It's a shimmery jubilant sort of record that booms and beeps it's way into your heart.

Complete with pseudo R&B songs (see their cover of "I Want You Back"), bassbin challenging tunes ("Carby"), and choruses that are stickier than fly paper, LP never lets you down. It's constant supply of party jams continue to roll by one after another and whether they're slightly downtempo or slightly uptempo the songs never out stay their welcome. It's perfect pop music that's an exciting and exuberant listen.

While Discovery might be a side project to Rostam and Wes, it's anything but an after thought to these guys and I would dare say that LP almost betters both the debuts of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot. Simply stupendous pop that you need in your life, LP is a pretty much essential purchase of sticky sweet synth pop.

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