Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Up The Wazu

You love electro, synthpop right? Well as it happens so do we and we happen to have it up the Wazu. Seriously and it’s right here. Wazu are an Australian via Brooklyn electronic group that together create dark almost gothy synthpop. Their self-titled EP is a super short but none-the-less cool record that's thrashy, trashy, and incredibly catchy. Teetering on the line between industrial, synthpop, and electro Wazu pull enough of all three influences into the same Dancetron 3000 and come up with post apocalyptic pop that's surprisingly fun.

The three songs, "Murder 1," "Happy Endings," and "Walk All Night" are all potential hits but of the three, "Walk All Night," seems to be my favorite. With darkly delicious boy/girl vocal trade-offs and a huge synth riff carrying it's an instant dance floor smash. In fact, that's really all three songs...just with varying degrees of darkness and spikyness permeating each. Wazu have clearly tapped into something here and while there are only three songs on this EP it illustrates the massive potential these guys have and the need for far more songs.

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