Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kitsune Taps Into America

As you undoubtedly know, Kitsune is a French label who have made quite a name for themselves over the last five or six years for releasing mind numbingly good electro from around Europe and occasionally the States. And while they've released all these tunes from all over, they've never concentrated on one area directly until now. Sensing that the Americans are finally falling in love with electronic music, Kitsune has set a trail forward by releasing their first Kitsune America compilation dedicated to all the stuff coming out on this side of the Atlantic.

It's pretty much common knowledge while most of what we take for granted dance music wise was originally invented here in the States, we shipped it overseas where it went nuts and forgot about it. Now, thirty years after that groundwork was laid by the likes of Derrick May, the youth of America have latched on to the dance floor and don't seem to want to let it go. This compilation firmly proves that. Kitsune America is a fourteen track exploration of North Americans who know how to boogie and write some darn fine songs while they're at it. This is a ridiculously amazing record and quite honestly there isn't one duff track on this album. From St. Lucia, DWNTWN, Childish Gambino, Heartsrevolution, Poindexter, Giraffage and loads of others this is pure dance floor gold spun with magic, glitter, and amazing beats. Whether it's chill wave, house, electro, it's all here and it's ready to go.

The fine folks at Kitsune have pieced Kitsune America together with love, dedication, and quality control. There's a reason why the label is nearly legendary and it's because they love this stuff and refuse to settle for anything second best. This record is perfect. It's your Saturday night planned out for you without you knowing it. The tunes are packed with infectious melodies and mesmerizing beats and it's a hot, sweaty, summer night spent on the dance floor and right now that's like the best thing ever. Seriously. Cheers to Kitsune for bringing their quality to the States now it's up to America to reciprocate by buying tons of records!

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