Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ane Brun Knows It All Starts With One

Ane Brun reminds me a bit of Stina Nordenstam. Singing with a childlike sense of wonder and the most fragile vocal chords I've heard in a long while, Ane Brune sounds like she's either nine years old or about to cry for a very long time. She's a delicate vocalist who approaches songs as minimalist pieces that are quietly held together by every word she sings. Her latest album, It All Starts With One, is appropriately titled because so much of the record features one voice (hers) above all else.

It All Starts With One is an artsy and atmospheric record that features strings, woodwinds, percussion and almost symphonic arrangements operating unobtrusively behind Brun's childish vocals. She reminds me of Stina simply because they both sound like children singing over sweeping and dramatic arrangements and the fragility associated with all that. She, like Stina, sounds like she's going to fall apart in a ball of misery. All that being said, It All Starts With One is a very pretty record whose exquisite sounds are mesmerizing and impossible to walk away from. Pop music this is not, but it's still incredibly enthralling stuff that's probably more beautiful than 90% of the music out there today.

Ane Brune's It All Starts With One is a subdued work of beauty. It's quiet power and muted sounds make the whole thing sound otherworldly and unique. It's an enjoyable work of ethereal winsomeness that's strange fascination with minimalism and frailness makes for some fine songs. If you like the sound of depression, heartbreak, and being alone remember It All Starts With One.

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