Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pine Hill Haints Weave Tales Of Crime

The Pine Hill Haints are a rustic low-fi accumulation of musicians who keep things simple and pure and the results are a little bit country a little bit indie and a whole lot of lo-fi. Their single, Tales Of Crime is a woodsy little sing along of a record that sounds as if it were recorded in a cave somewhere under Pine Hill, wherever that may be.

Consisting of just two songs, the A-side is twangy and a little too drunk on moonshine. It's rural, countrified pop with a big angry heart. On the flip The Pine Hill Haints take things in an almost Twin Peaksian direction and tune things down, turn out the lights and let Bob do the singing. It's a total lo-fi romp through the band's garage and ends so suddenly you half wonder if something didn't happen to the band.

In the end this is a fascinating single that makes you wonder if The Pine Hill Haints don't have a few more Tales Of Crime to share.

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