Monday, June 11, 2012

Del The Funky Homeosapien Sins

The question I'm sure everyone is wondering with regards to Del is whether or not he's still the Funky Homosapien? Well having just spent some quality time with this latest album Attractive Sin I can honestly answer that question with a resounding yes. Attractive Sin is a proper return to form that sees him assuring his place in hip hop history with a series of ridiculously good alternative hip hop jams that show the world how it's done.

Attractive Sin is kind of a laid back, chilled, west coast kind of thing that has east coast touches all over it thanks to production from Parallel Thought. The record as a whole is kind of a throwback to his 90's efforts while looking forward to the future thanks to PT's sheen. While he may be older and wiser and may have been around the block a few times Del’s flow and language are still as spiky as ever and he lays it down like butter on bread; smooth and creamy. This record is awesome and Del's rhymes are funny at times, positive at others, and aggressive when they need to be. He's been telling it like it is for 20 years and it works, so why change now?

In an age where hip hop has become a cliché of itself, it's nice to see living legends and new talent remember how things used to be and pay tribute to it. Del is indeed the Funky Homosapien and Attractive Sin is a brilliant record that's a classic in the making. From the chilled out summer-like production and beats of Parallel Thought to the never-ending lyrical know-how of Del, this is one team up that's destined for legendary status.

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