Thursday, June 7, 2012

Go Radio Live On Lucky Street

Proving that emo crosses all sorts of stereotypes and images, Go Radio are not a band in love with angular haircuts, black hair dye and skinny jeans. In fact, it's probably safe to say that Go Radio is perfect for radio if you catch my drift. This is a good thing because rather than concentrating heavily on their looks, Go Radio concentrates on their music and you can hear the results of this on their album Lucky Street.

Lucky Street is a melodic platter of epic proportions. So much of this record is centered on an abundance of harmony that it's almost impossible to keep track of. From guitars which seem to be perfectly in tune with the vocals to the soaring voices of Jason Lancaster and Alex Reed this record is sweeter on the ears than chocolate is to your taste buds. Go Radio have figured out a way to perfectly blend these two elements that when driven by the bass lines and drums take the songs on Lucky Street to the sky. This is epic enormodone pop that makes girls swoon and their hearts ache. Its huge stuff that cannot be kept back and Go Radio do an excellent job of laying it all down on top of each other. The stuff is so well done in an emotionally overwhelming way that it's almost too much to handle.

Go Radio might look like they belong on radio and they clearly have the songs that are perfect for radio, but their destiny lies elsewhere. From massive power ballads to piano ballads to power pop tunes Go Radio have got it all and they've got it in stock ready to ship out. These guys should be huge...they've just got too much in their favor not to be. And when you live on Lucky Street good things have to happen to you, right?

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