Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Archeo Doesn't See The Glass Half Empty

Archeo is a 21 year-old London based artist who is unashamedly in love with pop music. He admits to making pop music and wants to be not only part of it's constantly evolving and changing landscape but also be part of its tradition. With his latest single in hand, Glass Half Empty, he's well on his way to living out his dream.

Instantly accessible and mind numbingly memorable Glass Half Empty is the sort of song that doesn't want to leave your skull. With warped samples, dancehall-ish calls, gargantuan grooves, and a hook the size of the planet Glass Half Empty is the kind of record that's all conquering, all charting, and absolutely massive. Taking genres from every direction imaginable and mashing them all up together to create this electronic candy is exactly what Archeo is all about. With hip hop influences, Afro-pop influences, pure sugary sweet pop, and electronica all working together at the same time the record is a miracle of modern science.

Clearly destined for big things Archeo has introduced himself in fine fashion with Glass Half Empty. With no less than seven tracks making up the single the thing is epic in its scope. And while some of the Arveene & MISK remixes seem to be really similar versions of other remixes the whole thing is a like a jolt of dance floor caffeine. Archeo loves pop and you can hear that all over Glass Half Empty.

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