Monday, June 4, 2012

The Hive Dwellers Lynch The Swan

The Hive Dwellers are the latest project of legendary K Records founder Calvin Johnson. Calvin is in so many bands and records so much that he must have a secretary specifically to keep track of it all. The dude is prolific in his efforts and the second you hear his baritone croon you know that Calvin's on a record. Seriously...the guy has this drawn out deep voice that's so unique that even people who have never heard him know it’s him.

Anyway, The Hive Dwellers latest seven inch record, Lynch The Swan is a throbbing moody little record that's minimal in its approach but cool enough to leave you wanting more. Slightly dubbed out and just trippy enough to make it interesting the two songs that make this single up are cool laid back jams that allow Calvin's croon to spread its wings. It's awesome indie pop stuff with a dash of darkness for good measure and if you're a fan of K Records, Calvin, Beat Happening or just collect everything this guy does then you need this slim slice of superior pop. Here's hoping that this new record mushrooms into an album because that would be pretty much amazing.

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