Monday, April 9, 2012

Lux Confess We Are Not The Same

Seattle based Lux are a dynamic duo who have never played live and aren't sure if they ever want to. They met and became a band after answering a Craigslist ad. They were receiving offers for tours before even having a record. They are self confessed control freaks. They much prefer the confined spaces of a recording studio to the chaos filled stage. Lux are a fascinating band.

We Are Not The Same is all about a bit of distortion and lo-fi production. Think something similar to early Raveonettes recordings with a bit of stark synth pop that might remind you of someone like Fischerspooner meeting the Magnetic Fields. It’s a bit of an unusual sound that allows the band to have a style that's clearly all their own.

We Are Not The Same is raw, melodic, and filled with a sense of ethereal wonder. Lux have created something that's easy to fall in love with and something to listen to on repeat for a while and this album truly proves that Lux isn’t the same as everyone else. Unique and wondrous, We Are Not The Same is post shoegazing that’s worth its weight in ethereal gold.

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