Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gentleman's Diversity

Ok, look, I'll be the first to admit, I know very little to nothing about Reggae. My knowledge extends to the fact that boat shoe wearing, khaki shorts sporting, backward baseball cap owning frat boys have robbed the genre for what it's worth in this country and ruined it for everybody. That's a shame for the sound of the genre and an artist like Gentleman because Gentleman is awesome at what he does. His album Diversity is exactly as it says, a diverse record that leaps over genres and mixes everything together with such ease it's hard to spot the where the start and end.

Diversity is a record that so easily makes itself at home on the beach and the club that finding a spot in the middle to just wait it out seems like a good idea. Gentleman takes traditional reggae sounds, dancehall vibes, and hip hop grooves to come up with songs that are both chill and bangin'. The G-man excels at this and he weaves around genres like a slalom skier going down Everest. His songs are fun, catchy, and groove laden. From the chilled vibes of, "Lonely Days," to the totally upfront floor filler, "To The Top," there's seemingly nothing that this Gentleman can't do.

Diversity is a solid record that demonstrates Gentleman's talent, songwriting skill, and open mindedness. Diversity takes reggae and broadens its horizons and succeeds on every level. This is a record with a strong pop sensibility and hooks that are irresistible. If you aren't a frat boy and appreciate the genre for what it is and what it's become Diversity will reward you with a fantastic listening experience. It's the least this gentleman could do.


  1. Your words express the truth in order to feel the Gentleman's music. I will add to your comment the Gentleman humble spirit make the difference. I like and love his music.

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